After years of shredding, the Daggers have finally thrown together somethin’ to give you a glimpse of the good ‘ol days!

Rising up from the underground, from the backyards to the secret spots to the wild parties of celebrating a good session, it’s all been uncovered.

Here you'll get a chance to check out the gang and all of their partners in crime. The crime of skateboarding! From the first pools, ramps, to the early 80’s. The Alva boyz to Thrashin' through decades of world travels, all of the way to the present day...its all here and there is still much more to come.

The entire Dagger gang have dug up a random assortment of photos, gathered up over the years, only now for the skateboard world to see.

The Daggers are about the lifestyle, the International Brotherhood. Breakin’ all of the rules that needed to be broken. It’s an attitude about wanting to live each moment to the fullest, on and off the board. Good spots, good sessions, good friends, and good times....all those things come and go....and no one knows that better than the Daggers. Still rollin’ strong. Still rollin’ deep.

The puddles of blood that’ve been left in the pools, runs thicker than the gallons of water they were originally built to hold.

Let the good times Roll! Rock on! These are ‘The good ‘ol days’!!


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